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About Us

"HIMREAGENT" Ltd. over the years has been supplying chemicals and reagents, chemical and laboratory instruments, apparatus, utensils for the production needs of chemical, food, paint, engineering, textile, paper, oil, gas and mining and metallurgical industry. A huge list of products we supply for laboratories that control the quality of products manufactured by enterprises of Uzbekistan. For bacteriological laboratories, we offer culture media and diagnostic tools.

The products sold by our company, we provide factory quality certificate and certificate of quality of Uzbekistan, if these products are subject to mandatory certification of Uzbekistan.

Our employees are always ready to give professional advice on the selection of the necessary chemical products, carrying out a variety of analytical tests and quality control of the produced goods.

Terms of delivery: EXW, that allows the buyer to conduct a preliminary visual inspection of product quality.

We look forward to a fruitful and long-term cooperation with our customers.

What We Offer

  • Chemical reagents

  • Labware

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Nutrient medium

  • Fixanal

  • Indicator tests

Our Direction

  • Chemical reagents
  • Labware
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Indicator tests