Dikhloretan 1.2

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1,2-dichloroethane ClCH2-SN2Cl - organochlorine compound, a clear, colorless liquid with a strong odor similar to the smell of chloroform, practically insoluble in water. Horoshiyrastvoritel. Evaporates readily forms an azeotrope with water (71 and 5 ° C, 82.9% by weight of dichloroethane). 1,2-dichloroethane as toxic substances.

Used in organic synthesis as a precursor or a solvent to extract fat ialkaloidov as an insecticide for the disinfection of grain, grain storage and soil vineyards. used to control the Colorado potato beetle and phylloxera of 1000 kg / ha. Modellers used for bonding certain plastics (eg, polystyrene). Used as anti-knock additive in the fuel. In the military, used for cooking recipes hardy agents and degassing solutions.

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