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Formula: C22H23N3O9

Crystalline powder, whose color can be red or dark red-brown, soluble in water and slightly soluble in acetone and in alcohol.

Aluminon used in analytical practice

Accident prevention

Aluminon refers to Hazard Class 4 and has a weak cumulative effect; has no effect on the skin or eyes, but with prolonged constantly entering the body can cause lipid and protein metabolism, decrease in body weight. You can change the composition of the peripheral blood, renal failure, weakening of the immune system.
Work with the reagent must be carried out in a fume hood or under the shelter with an exhaust device, while avoiding contact with the reagent in the work area. When work is required to use a respirator, gloves, clothing, and personal hygiene. In the workplace, there must be a mask.
Aluminon flammable, but not explosive. Cleaning may only be carried out with the use of filter and ventilation enabled.

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