Ammonium acetate

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Chemical formula: CH3COONH4

International name: AMMONIUM ACETATE

CAS No: 631-61-8

Appearance: colorless hygroscopic crystals

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well ventilated place

Ammonium acetate (ammonium acetate) - a colorless crystalline material consisting of extremely hygroscopic crystals in the form of needles. At temperatures over 144 ° C decomposes to form reagent acetamide:

Highly soluble in water easily (58.6% at 4 ° C), soluble in ethanol.

Ammonium acetate (ammonium acetate) - the composition of the chemical compound NH4C2H3O2, can be obtained by reaction of acetic acid with ammonia. Under laboratory conditions, ammonium acetate can be obtained in the following manner: 80% CH3COOH in water cooling and vigorous stirring, 10% NH4OH solution until the liquid until the ammonia smell becomes strong. The solution is filtered, if necessary, and evaporated on a water bath until the film crystals. The precipitated crystals were sucked off on a Buchner funnel and immediately placed in a tightly closable jar.

Ammonium acetate (ammonium acetate) is readily available, relatively cheap and widely applicable
• in analytical chemistry,
• in organic synthesis,
• as a component of a buffer solution,
• as a mordant in dyeing wool;
• as a drug;
• in the food industry as a preservative, food additives, etc..

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