Arsenazo III

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CAS No. 62337-00-2

Synonyms: 2,2'-[(1,8-Дигидрокси-3,6-дисульфо-2,7-нафтилен)бис(азо)]дибензоларсоновой acid disodium salt;2,7-Бис[(о-арсонофенил)азо]-1,8-дигидронафталин-3,6-дисульфокислоты disodium salt

Physical properties

Sparingly soluble in water, good - in aqueous alkaline solutions.
Soluble in dilute acids; insoluble in acetone, ethanol, ether, concentrated acids.
At pH <4 water coloring p-ditch pink or red raspberry, at pH>> 5 - purple or blue.
Arsenazo III reacts with metals (M) is very stable complexes that allows you to define them in acidic media: M (IV) and M (V) - 6-10 n. HCl or H2SO4, M (II) and M (III) - at a pH of 1-4. P-complexation of contrasting: λmax 540 nm reagent complexes-665 nm.


Reagents used for the photometric determination and concentration (including extraction) Zr, Hf, Sc, the actinides and lanthanides, V, Ca, Ba, Be, and some other elements.. Photometric methods using arsenazo III are characterized by high selectivity and sensitivity (detection limit of 0.01-0.1 mg / ml). The reagent is widely used in continuously operating automatic analyzers.

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