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Askari - asbestos impregnated with molten sodium hydroxide. In laboratory practice Askari used to absorb acidic gases - carbon dioxide, hydrogen halides, halogens, water, and quantitative elemental analysis of organic compounds.
Askari superior efficacy and ease of use soda lime and liquid absorbers ascarite additional advantage is that the level of activity can be easily determined visually ascarite: active Askari has a light brown or gray-brown in color and in the absorption of carbon dioxide due to the formation of sodium carbonate is white. When using absorbent tubes filled ascarite, one can observe a clear distinction between fresh and spent ascarite. Freshly prepared Askar may be "too dry", that is, contain too little water, it leads to the absorption of carbon dioxide only on the surface of granules and clear boundary between the white and colored layer carbonatized ascarite not formed; In this case Askari activated by passing current through the absorbent tube of the inert gas containing water vapor microquantities.
Askari used as an absorber of carbon dioxide at the elemental analysis of organic compounds for cleaning of oxygen used for combustion linkage and as an absorber of carbon dioxide and water in the gravimetric determination of the amount of carbon and hydrogen Pregl by microanalysis.

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