L-ascorbic acid

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Chemical formula: C6H8O6

International name: L-ascorbic acid; vitamin C; L-3-Ketothreohexuronic acid lactone

CAS No: 50-81-7

Appearance: white powder

Packing: boxes of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area

Ascorbic acid - a colorless crystalline solid, is odorless, has a sour taste, readily soluble in water. (Vitamin C) C6H8O6 used by the body for biochemical redox processes; promotes the formation of deoxyribonucleic acid. Ascorbic acid is also involved in the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids. Vitamin C is essential for detoxification in hepatocytes with the participation of cytochrome P450. Vitamin C itself neutralizes superoxide anion radical to hydrogen peroxide. Restores ubiquinone and vitamin E. It stimulates the synthesis of interferon, therefore, is involved in immunomodulation. Translates ferrous iron in the trivalent, thereby contributing to its absorption. Inhibits glycosylation of hemoglobin inhibits the conversion of glucose to sorbitol. Vitamin C - the strongest antioxidant - protects lipoproteins from oxidation, anti-atherogenic molecule.

Synthesized by plants (galactose) and some animals (glucose). Synthetically prepared from glucose.

Ascorbic acid is used in the food industry:
• as a preservative E300, which prevents oxidation of the product,
• inhibition (retardation) of the oxidation of dietary fats and consequently improve product stability during storage,
• promote the formation of color during processing,
• the manufacture of juices and soft drinks for the enrichment of the product in vitamin C,
• in the brewing industry for the removal of iron and others. The food additive is permitted for use in the food industry of the Russian Federation in accordance with the "Medical-biological requirements and sanitary norms of quality food raw materials and food."

Ascorbic acid is used in pharmacology
• bracing and stimulating the immune system remedy for various diseases,
• prophylactically with insufficient intake of food and other.

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