Nitric acid

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Nitric acid (HNO3) - strong monobasic acid. Solid nitric acid forms two crystalline forms monoclinic and rhombic lattices.

Nitric acid is mixed with water in any proportions. In aqueous solution, it is almost completely dissociates into ions.


- In the production of mineral fertilizers;

- In the military industry (fuming - in the manufacture of explosives, the oxidizer propellant diluted - in the synthesis of various substances, including toxic);

- Extremely rare in the photos - diluted - acidification some toning solutions [5];

- Easel graphics - etching plates (etching boards tsinkograficheskih printing forms and magnesium clichés).

- In the production of dyes and medicines (nitroglycerin)

- In the jewelry business - the main method of determining the gold in a gold alloy;

- Primarily organic synthesis (nitroalkanes, aniline, nitrocellulose, trinitrotoluene, ...)

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