Barbituric acid

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Barbituric acid - 2,4,6-trigidroksipirimidin (2,4,6-pyrimidinetrione, N, N-malonilmochevina). Compounds belonging to the class of ureides. Represents colorless crystals, mp 245 ° C (with decomposition occurs), soluble in hot water. Poorly soluble in cold water and ethanol, good - in hot water Vprost ethers. Barbituric acid derivatives having alkyl or aryl substituents as well as their salts are referred to barbiturates.

Barbituric acid used for the preparation of riboflavin, pyrimidine, and violuric uric acid and some derivatives (mainly 5,5-disubstituted, for example 5,5-dietilbarbiturovaya acid, 5-fenil5 etilbarbiturovaya acid) are hypnotics.
Barbituric acid is used as a component in determining photocolorimetric Konig cyanide.

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