Barium carbonate

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Chemical Formula: BaCO3

International name: Barium carbonate light

CAS No: 513-77-9

Appearance: white powder or light gray, odorless

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Barium carbonate (Barium carbonate) - depending on the application is made the following grades: A, B and C.

Barium carbonate (Barium carbonate) is used:
• for the production of vacuum products;
• the manufacture of bricks, as an additive significantly improves the performance and aesthetic properties
• in the glass industry for the manufacture of glass and glass products;
• chemical and pulp and paper industries;
• production of barium ferrite;
• for the manufacture of magnetic latches;
• in the ceramic industry;
• in the spinning industry, barium carbonate is used to dissolve and clean the spinning solution;
• the manufacture of synthetic fibers;
• radiolampovom in production;
• the manufacture of optical glass, enamels, glazes;
• in the production of charcoal carburizers;
• as Rodenticide for the control of rodents and other.

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