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Benzidine, which you can buy for cash or non-cash payment is a white or yellowish fine crystals having the property to darken the light and air. Slightly soluble in water, very soluble - in alcohol and ether.

Benzidine used in analytical chemistry for determining the number of oxidizers which oxidize in the acidic environment of the substance to obtain a yellow colored compounds, but in a neutral environment - in blue. In addition, this substance is used in medical diagnostics for the detection of blood. The reaction is based on the properties of the substance oxidized until the green or blue color with hydrogen peroxide through catalytic peroxidase activity of blood pigments. Benzidine, which you can buy in our company wholesale and retail, can be used for the synthesis of azo dyes.

Benzidine refers to 6 classes of substances, Division 6.1 (poisonous substances). Working with this material requires compliance with established for toxic substances safety measures.

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