Benzyl alcohol

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Chemical formula: C7H8O

International name: BENZYL ALCOHOL

CAS No: 100-51-6

Appearance: colorless thin liquid with a faint aromatic odor

Packing: drums, 210kg; cans, 30 kg

Storage: Avoid mechanical damage

Benzyl alcohol (phenyl-carbinol) - a colorless liquid with a faint pleasant smell. The benzyl alcohol is readily soluble in organic solvents and liquid SO2 and NH3, 100 g of water dissolved 4 g of benzyl alcohol.

In the free state or in the form of esters, benzyl alcohol contained in essential oils such as jasmine, clove et al. Obtained benzyl alcohol
• saponification of benzyl chloride in the presence of alkali, mainly:
C6H5CH2Cl + H2O → C6H5CH2OH + HCl
• as well as the action of alkali on a mixture of benzoic aldehyde and formaldehyde:

Benzyl alcohol is used
• in perfumery,
• as a solvent for varnishes
• for the decontamination of oil solutions
• in pharmacy and pharmacology
• is registered as a food additive E1519 and others.

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