Boric acid

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Chemical formula: H3BO3

International name: Boric Acid, Boracic acid, Orthoboric acid

CAS No: 10043-35-3

Appearance: white powder or granules

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Boric acid - a colorless white powder or granules layered lattice.

In nature Boric acid H3BO3 occurs as mineral sassolina and thermal waters and natural brines from which it was extracted with a mixture of alcohols or polyols, or sorb organic and inorganic sorbents. Upon receipt of H3BO3 their natural borates H2SO4 decomposed at 100 ° C and the insoluble residue was filtered off; the filtrate is cooled to 15 ° C, the crystals that precipitated H3BO3 separated in centrifuges, and dried at a temperature not higher than 100 ° C.

Boric acid (orthoboric acid) is widely used
• in the industry in the production of enamels, glass, special purpose, glass, fiberglass and glass, cement, etc..
• the manufacture of detergents and cosmetics, flame retardants,
• as a disinfectant and preservative, corrosion inhibitor, photographic reagent as micronutrient fertilizers,
• The pro-ve other boron compounds
• in laboratory practice Boric acid was used to prepare buffer solutions.
• medical Boric acid is used as an antiseptic (antimicrobial) agent for rinsing and washings used in the manufacture of ointments, pastes, dusting powders, boron alcohol included in the contraceptives.
cements, fluxes, cleaning and kosmetich. funds, flame retardants, as a disinfectant and preservative -in, corrosion inhibitor, a reagent in photography, in Qual-ve micronutrient fertilizers in the production of other boron-containing compounds.

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