Brilliant green

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Chemical formula: C27H34N2O4S

International name: BRILLIANT GREEN (hydrogen sulfate)

CAS No: 633-03-4

Appearance: golden-green powder

Packing: 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Brilliant green - greenish-golden balls and golden-green powder, basic triphenylmethane dye. It is soluble in water and alcohol, solutions have an intense green color. Soluble in chloroform.

Brilliant green widely used
• in medicine and pharmacy, as an antiseptic,
• as a dye for paper, wood,
• fanalevyh for making varnishes,
• pH-indicator as to the transition from yellow to green,
• in microbiology as a colorant, for example, when analyzing for the presence of water and other fecal microbes.

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