Bromophenol blue

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CAS No. 115-39-9

Synonyms: 3 ', 3' '', 5 ', 5' '' - Tetrabromfenolsulfoftalein

Bromophenol blue indicator is a powder lavender, pink-brown or light-brown. In water, slightly soluble; dissolves in alkaline solutions, and alcohol.

Physical properties

mp 200-202 ° C; soluble in methanol, ethanol and ether, poorly - in water and benzene. Acid-base indicator (color change from yellow to blue at pH 6,0-7,6)
Bromophenol blue indicator light a fire hazard, it is combustible. Self-ignites at a temperature of 580 ° C.


Bromophenol blue indicator is used for the colorimetric determination of hydrogen ions.

Used by:
As the acid-base indicator
As a color marker with agarose gel electrophoresis and polyacrylamide
as dye
In analytical chemistry and biochemistry to determine the pH value in the titration - color change of the solution from yellow to blue in the pH range 3,0-4,6.
For titration of carboxylic acids in acrylonitrile.

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