Universal indicator paper pH 0-12

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Indicator paper for determining the pH of the liquid is a strip of paper coated with these indicators, which change color depending on the pH of the medium. They are convenient and practical for accurate preparation of working reagent and control over a certain level of pH.

Practical application of the test paper is very simple and with a large number of studies significantly reduces labor costs.

Using indicator paper to determine the pH comprises the following steps:

The strip is soaked in a test solution for 1 second, so that the indicator band is completely immersed in solution. Then, the strip was removed and immediately compared to the indicator zone staining with colored stripes squares reference scale on the side surface of the plastic tube. Evaluate and determine similarity staining pH.

Universal indicator paper contains a combination of indicators:

- Bromothymol blue,

- Cartasol Yellow,

- Bromocresol green,

- Bromksilenovy blue,

- Bromothymol blue.

Designed to determine the pH in the range from 0-12 in steps of 1 pH unit. Packing of 100 pieces.

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