Butyl acetate

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Chemical formula: C6H12O2

International name: BUTYL ACETATE

CAS No: 123-86-4

Appearance: clear liquid with a pungent odor

Packing: cans, 27 kg

Storage: Avoid mechanical damage to the tank

Butyl acetate (Butyl acetate) - derived from acetic acid butyl ester. Colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of ether, butyl acetate, slightly soluble in water; mixed with organic solvents and vegetable oils; has all the properties of esters.

Butyl acetate was prepared in industry by esterification of acetic acid with butanol in the presence of appropriate H2SO4 at 100-110 ° C in a continuous circuit.

Butyl acetate (Butyl acetate) - the most common solvent in the preparation and application of paints.
• Dissolves cellulose esters, oils, fats, chlorinated rubber, vinyl polymers, resins, etc. karbiolnye
• Additive butylacetate along with a small amount of butyl alcohol prevents whitening lacquer films.
• Is a fragrance, which is part of the fruit essences and perfumes.
• It is used in the leather industry as a tanning agent.
• Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the separation of primary substances in the manufacture of antibiotics and others.

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