Butyl alcohol

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Chemical formula: C4H9OH

International name: BUTYL ALCOHOL

CAS No: 71-36-3

Appearance: clear liquid with a distinctive odor

Packing: cans, 25 kg

Storage: Store in a well-ventilated dry place at low temperature

Butyl alcohol (butanol) is a colorless transparent flammable liquid with a distinctive odor; poorly soluble in water is mixed with alcohol and other organic solvents.

In industry butanol (butyl alcohol) obtained oxosynthesis from propylene using a cobalt-nickel catalysts at 1.0-1.5 MPa. From acetaldehyde and atsetaldol through crotonaldehyde which was hydrogenated over copper or nickel catalysts mednohromovyh. Acetone-butyl fermentation of food raw materials.
Butanol began to be produced in 10-ies of XX century with the use of bacteria Clostridia acetobutylicum. The raw material for the production can be sugar cane, beets, corn, wheat, cassava, and cellulose. In the 50s began to be made from petroleum products.

Butyl alcohol (butanol) is used
• as solvent in the paint industry, mixtures of ethyl alcohol used for the dissolution of urea oligomers; in a mixture of xylene - for dissolving polyacrylates used in pure form for dissolving oils and fats
• in the manufacture of resins and plasticizers,
• the synthesis of many organic compounds
• used for the preparation of solutions for the deposition of ceramic coatings in microelectronics, in laboratory practice and research, and others.

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