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Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, metilkarbinol, ethyl alcohol or alcohol often colloquially simply "alcohol") - monohydric alcohol with formuloyC2H5OH (empirical formula C2H6O), another embodiment: CH3-CH2-OH, the second representative of the homologous series of monohydric alcohols, volatile conditions pristandartnyh , flammable, colorless transparent liquid.

Active component of alcoholic beverages, yavlyayuschiysyadepressantom - psychoactive substance depresses the central nervous system.

Ethyl alcohol is also used as fuel in kachestverastvoritelya as filler in an alcohol thermometer and as a disinfectant (or its components).

Appearance: under normal conditions is a colorless, volatile liquid with a characteristic odor and burning taste. Ethyl alcohol is lighter than water. Is a good solvent and other organic substances. Avoid the popular error: often mixed property 95,57% alcohol and absolute. Their properties are almost identical, but different values beginning from the 3rd - 4th decimal place.

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