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Phenol - a white crystalline substance with a sharp-slakovato sickly smell, easily oxidized when exposed to air (first turns pink after becomes brown). The substance dissolves very well in water, alcohol, acetone, benzene, and alkaline media. At + 42 ° C becomes a liquid with faint has acidic properties.


Carboxylic acid can be used to produce dyes, pesticides, fungicides, synthetic fibers (nylon, nylon et al.), Phenol-formaldehyde resins and drugs. As an antibacterial agent is added to the cleaning and disinfecting solutions, this property phenol used in tanning hides. In medicine, it is disinfected surgical instrument. In the chemical industry, phenol is used in plastics, plasticizers, additives for oils. Phenol is a means for isolation and purification of DNA molecules.

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