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Aniline dyes have the form of crystals or powders. In the process of staining the microbes they prepared alcoholic and / or aqueous solutions.


Basic fuchsin can be used for simple and differential staining techniques. As a rule, used in magenta staining is not textile materials (skin, paper, wood, etc.), The manufacture of crayons, varnishes for printing ink. Furthermore, a substance commonly used in histological, bacterial and botanical purposes.

Principle of operation

This compound belongs to the group of basic dyes, in other words, the chromophore material is a cation. With this component of matter intensively come into contact with the nuclei of the cells of bacteria due to the formation of the complex anions of DNA and RNA of bacteria.

Under fixed magenta coloring ethyl alcohol (96%). Then basic fuchsin requires adding distilled water in the ratio 1: 9. On the subject needs to be applied 50 ul of the resulting solution. Dyeing process itself takes less than 3 minutes.

If the coloring process was conducted in accordance with all the requirements in stained bacteria will be seen on the little red pink or colorless background.

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