Hydrazine sulfate

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Chemical formula: NH2NH2 · H2SO4

International name: Hydrazine sulfate

CAS No: 10034-93-2

Appearance: white crystals

Packing: bags, 25kg

Storage: Store in a dry ventilated place, away from heat and sources of ignition

Hydrazine sulfate - colorless crystals of the orthorhombic system. Hydrazine sulphate soluble in water (2.95% at 22 ° C) insoluble in ethanol. Strong reducing agent. Very toxic.

Hydrazine sulfate (hydrazine sulfate) urea can be prepared by oxidation of sodium hypochlorite followed by treatment of the resulting hydrazine with sulfuric acid or pure hydrazine hydrate.

Hydrazine sulfate (hydrazine sulfate) is used
• in inorganic chemistry
• in inorganic analysis,
• In titrimetric analysis and others.

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