Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

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Chemical formula: NH2OH • HCl


CAS No: 5470-11-1

Appearance: colorless (to slightly yellow) color hygroscopic crystals

Packing: drums, 25kg

Storage: Store in a dry ventilated area away from sources of ignition and oxidation

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride - colorless needles. The reagent is very soluble in water (45% - at 17 ° C; 66% - 100 ° C), soluble in absolute alcohol (4.4% - at 20 ° C), insoluble in diethyl ether. A strong reducing agent, is oxidised to N2O. Hydroxylamine hydrochloride poisonous. It is soluble in water, ethanol and acetone, soluble in alcohol, methanol, glycerol, propylene glycol; Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is insoluble in cold ether.

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is obtained by reacting hydroxylamine with hydrochloric acid.

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride (hydrochloride) used
• as a reducing agent in inorganic analysis,
• for the titrimetric determination of formaldehyde, furfural, glucose,
• in electroanalysis as depolarizer
• photographic etc.

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