Glucose monohydrate

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Chemical formula: C6H12O6H2O

International name: Glucose monohydride

CAS No: 5996-10-1

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Glucose Monohydrate (Dextrose) - natural organic compound refers to a class of carbohydrates monosaccharides.

In most cases the glucose found in nature bound form, being part of macromolecular polysaccharides S6N10O5 general formula from which it is prepared on an industrial scale.
Glucose (dextrose) food monohydrate is a crystalline hydrated glucose. Glucose monohydrate - a white crystalline powder, sweet taste, without foreign taste, soluble in water.

Glucose Monohydrate (Dextrose) - monosaccharide, is the most common carbohydrate.


The most modern method for preparing the monohydrate dextrose (glucose) - enzyme hydrolysis of starch and starch-containing raw materials.


Glucose (dextrose) is used in various industries:

• in the food industry, it is used as a substitute for sucrose;
• in the confectionery industry in the manufacture of soft candy, dessert chocolates, cakes and various dietary products;
• in baking improves glucose fermentation imparts porosity and good taste products, slows staling;
• in the production of ice cream lowers the freezing point, it increases its hardness;
• the manufacture of canned fruit, juices, liquors, wines, soft drinks, as glucose does not mask the aroma and flavor;
• in the dairy industry in the manufacture of dairy products and baby foods recommended to use glucose in a certain ratio with sucrose to give these products a higher nutritional value;
• in veterinary medicine;
• poultry;
• in the pharmaceutical industry and others.

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