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Timing broth

(Nutrient broth for the cultivation of microorganisms dry)

TU 9398-021-78095326-2006

Reg. DCF number 2007/00002


The nutrient medium is used for the cultivation of various microorganisms, unpretentious in their nutritional needs, such as Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus and others.

Is a fine, hygroscopic powder of light yellow color.


Pancreatic digest fish meal, peptone dry enzyme, sodium chloride.


20.0 g of the powder is stirred into 1 liter of distilled water, boiled for 3 minutes, filtered through a paper filter, then poured into 10.0 ml sterile vials and sterilized by autoclaving at 121 ° C for 15 min.

Ready nutrient medium transparent yellow.

pH 7,2 ± 0,2

Prepared medium can be used for 1 month if stored it at 2-8 ° C.