Perchloric acid

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Synonyms: perchloric acid

Chemical formula: HClO4

International name: PERCHLORIC ACID

CAS No: 7601-90-3

Appearance: transparent liquid

Packing: cans, 50 kg

Storage: Store in a tightly closed container in a dry ventilated place at low temperature

Perchloric acid HClO4 (perchloric acid) - the strongest monobasic acid (in aqueous solution), anhydrous - a strong oxidizing agent. It is a colorless volatile liquid, strongly fuming in air, the monomer vapor. Anhydrous perchloric acid is very reactive and unstable explosive. Liquid perchloric acid partially dimerizes observed equilibrium avtodegidratatsiya. Perchloric acid (perchloric acid) is highly soluble in organochlorine solvents such as chloroform, dichloroethane, trifluoroacetic acid and others. The mixing-reducing solvents may ignite and explode. With perchloric acid mixed with water in all proportions and forms a series of hydrates. Concentrated solutions of chloric acid, in contrast to the anhydrous acid have oily consistency. Perchloric acid solutions are stable, have a low oxidizing ability. Perchloric acid and water form an azeotropic mixture. Chloric acid is a strong mineral acid, even in its environment acidic compounds behave as base.

• Aqueous solutions of perchloric acid was prepared by electrochemical oxidation of hydrochloric acid or chlorine, dissolved in strong perchloric acid, as well as the double decomposition of sodium or potassium perchlorate strong inorganic acids.
• The anhydrous perchloric acid (perchloric acid) is obtained by reacting the sodium or potassium perchlorates with concentrated sulfuric acid, and aqueous perchloric acid and oleum.

• Perchloric acid (perchloric acid) is used in the decomposition of complex ores, minerals in the analysis, as the catalyst.
• perchloric acid and its salts (perchlorate) are used as oxidants.
• a concentrated aqueous solution of perchloric acid used extensively in analytical chemistry, and for perchlorates.
• Perchloric acid is used in the decomposition of complex ores and minerals in the analysis, as well as a catalyst.
• perchlorate: potassium perchlorate KSlO4 slightly soluble in water, used in the manufacture of explosives, magnesium perchlorate Mg (ClO4) 2 (anhydrone) - dryer.

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