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Chloroform - a colorless transparent liquid peculiar sweetish odor and burning taste.
Chloroform miscible in all proportions with an alcohol, ether, ester and fatty oils and is a good solvent for many organic (paraffin wax, resin, rubber, lecithin) and some inorganic substances (iodine, sulfur, phosphorus).
Chloroform rather is unstable. In the light, it is oxidized with oxygen to form chlorine, hydrochloric acid, and especially poisonous phosgene, so it is important to avoid hloroformirovaniya with an open flame. For protection from the decomposition of chloroform should be stored in orange glass bottle. To the same effect is added to it alcohol, and sometimes methenamine.
Chloroform refers to a group of drugs fatty cause reversible paralysis of all vital functions. This is his action is found in all organisms - bacteria, protozoa, plants, and animals.

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