Liebig condenser

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Used primarily as a downlink to about 160 ° C. Cooling means for substances with a boiling point <120 ° C is used in the flowing water therein and in the range of 120-16O ° C - stagnant.
Liebig's refrigerator is composed of two glass tubes sealed into one another. By moving the inner tube couples the fluid and the outer (jacket) coolant (cold water).
The return of such a refrigerator is ineffective, as it has a small cooling surface and the laminar flow of vapors; to this end, it is used only for relatively high-boiling (bp.> 100 ° C) compounds. On the outer surface of the refrigerator condenses atmospheric moisture, which through capillary leak in thin section can get inside the bulb, so thin sections on the refrigerator and the flask thoroughly lubricated. It is also recommended to wear thin section refrigerator above the cuff of dry filter paper. Vysokokipyaishe more liquid in the junction A may cause the occurrence of internal stress, which causes cracking of the glass. Therefore, it is impossible to produce a Liebig condenser of heat sensitive glass.