Chrome-potassium alum

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Synonyms: Chrome-potassium alum, Chrome-potassium alum

Chemical formula: KCr (SO4) 2 · 12H2O

International name: Chromium potassium alum

CAS No: 7788-99-0

Appearance: dark purple crystals

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Chrome-potassium alum KCr ((SO4) 2 • 12H2O) - dark purple, translucent ruby-red octahedral crystals.

Stability: In air quickly erode (lose water) dehydrated by heating more rapidly than in connection with turning a light purple powder. Dissolved in water.

Chrome-potassium alum used as a tanning agent in the manufacture of fur artisanal and alum are widely used in the textile industry. And also for painting ceramics.

Generally Alum has long been used as a mordant in dyeing wool and cotton yarn and fabrics. Due to the fact that the salts of trivalent metals cause denaturation of proteins, alum is used as a tanning agent in the leather industry at aluming and photographic (for photographic emulsions on a gelatin-based) and in medicine as an astringent, styptic and cautery, etc.

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