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Chemical formula: CH3CHOHCH3

International name: Isopropyl alcohol (metalcans)

CAS No: 67-63-0

Appearance: clear liquid with a pungent odor

Packing: drums, cans

Storage: Store in a tightly closed container in a dry ventilated room

Isopropyl alcohol (2-propanol, isopropanol) - has all the properties of the secondary fatty alcohols - a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of ethyl alcohol. Soluble in ethanol, methanol, diethyl ether, acetone, benzene; miscible with water in all proportions, forming with it an azeotropic mixture (87.7% by weight of isopropyl alcohol, in the dehydrogenation of isopropyl alcohol to acetone converted.


In industry, isopropyl alcohol was prepared essentially sulfuric acid or direct hydration of propylene (CH3CHCH2 + H2O). The raw materials used propane-propylene fraction cracking gases, as well as propylene fraction of pyrolysis oil gas.

Isopropyl alcohol is used
• for acetone (dehydrogenation or partial oxidation) of hydrogen peroxide, methyl isobutyl ketone, isopropyl acetate, isopropylamine and a number of other organic products
• as a solvent in paints and varnishes, perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries;
• as an extractant oils, natural resins and natural latex;
• how Defroster and antifreeze;
• as a solvent of cellulose ethers;
• as degreasing and cleaning agent;
• as a coolant in the cooling machines;
• as an alkylating agent;
• as an intermediate in the synthesis of a number of pharmaceutical preparations

Isopropyl alcohol is often substitute ethanol in many fields of application. Thus, included in isopropanol
cosmetics, household chemicals, disinfectants, repellents, and more.

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