Potassium nitrate

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Potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate (potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate, nitrate and other Indian.) -neorganicheskoe Compound, potassium salt of nitric acid with the formula KNO3. In kristallicheskomsostoyanii - a colorless substance, non-volatile, slightly hygroscopic, odorless. Horoshorastvorim potassium nitrate in water. Practically non-toxic to living organisms.

Potassium nitrate is normally colorless crystals (ground state white powder) ion or orthorhombic structure, and the hexagonal crystal lattice. Slegkagigroskopichen inclined slightly cake with time. Odorless, non-volatile.

The main application today is potassium nitrate as a valuable fertilizer because combines two element partially blocking the assimilation of plants to each other when they are composed of individual compounds.

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