Potassium bromide

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Chemical formula: KBr

International name: POTASSIUM BROMIDE

CAS No: 7758-02-3

Appearance: colorless crystals in a mass of white color

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Potassium bromide - a colorless crystalline solid, KBr. Potassium bromide is typical ionic salt. When dissolved in water, subjected to complete dissociation, while not subject to hydrolysis as a salt formed with a strong base (potassium hydroxide) and a strong acid (hydrobromic acid).

• Industrial uses potassium bromide is prepared by reacting potassium carbonate with a mixed iron bromide (II, III) Fe3Br8:
4K2CO3 + Fe3Br8 → 8KBr + Fe3O4 + 4CO2
• In vitro potassium bromide can be prepared, for example, by reacting potassium hydroxide, ammonia and bromine:
6KOH + 3Br2 + 3NH3 → 6KBr + 6H2O + N2 ↑

Potassium bromide (potassium salt of hydrobromic acid) are widely used
• industrial chemistry,
• a source of bromide ions to produce silver bromide, which is used for the manufacture of photographic and kinoplёnok,
• in medicine and pharmacy,
• as a prefix for infrared spectrophotometer to study the spectra of liquid substances, potassium bromide does not absorb infrared radiation in a fairly broad range of wavelengths (from 0.25 microns to 25 microns), it can be used for these purposes
• as a heat stabilizer in the production of nylon, chemical and other oilfield.

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