Potassium phosphate

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3-aqueous (disubstituted) potassium phosphate is a colorless crystalline powder, in another embodiment represented in white crystals.

3-water (dibasic) potassium phosphate is used in the production of piezo- and ferroelectrics, it is a qualitative component of many complex fertilizers. This is the most concentrated phosphate fertilizers. Is shared with the preparation Mars-EL. Such use greatly increases the hardiness of winter crops, frost affects different food plants.

When used as ornamentals extends the duration of flowering. Flowers begin to bloom earlier. In the food industry is indispensable in the production of baker's yeast powder and food, it is used in a cleaning food emulsifiers.

It is used in the processing of milk, cultivation of microorganisms. He also is a member of liquid detergents and cleaning oil. It is used in the compositions of mitigating water hardness and others. It is necessary for the manufacture of electrolytes pyrophosphate (passaging, copper plating).

Potassium phosphate is stored in covered warehouses.

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