Potassium fluoride

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Potassium fluoride (potassium fluoride), looks like a colorless, transparent crystals. However, they are hygroscopic and high humidity can be sprayed in the air into tiny particles.

Actively used in the creation of industrial fluxes, as one component of a means to remove stains left by rust. Also used to create a special lubricant having kisloupornye properties.
Potassium fluoride is often used for machining steel and aluminum alloys, as it facilitates the electrolytic reaktsii.Takzhe by potassium fluoride implemented milling process, nickel-plating, polishing and chrome plating.
Using potassium fluoride, fluorine is introduced into the organic material at the output receiving gliftor and metallic potassium and pyatiftoruratsil.

Potassium fluoride is stored in dry conditions during storage and transportation avoid it to get wet. Recommended storage only in a closed container, with minimal impact of the environment on the substance.

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