Potassium chloride

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Potassium chloride granules or a crystalline salt of pink or white.

Potassium chloride in agriculture is considered the main mineral fertilizers. Many people decide to buy potassium chloride, as it helps to develop the root system, increases the resistance of crops to pests, diseases, weather conditions, stimulates metabolism.
In addition, potassium chloride is used in other areas: in perfumery, metallurgy, medicine, oil and gas industry as a reagent for the production of drilling fluids. Potassium chloride is also used in paint, leather, glass industries. But, despite its widespread use in these areas, still a major consumer is agriculture.

Potassium chloride Explosion and fire proof, non-flammable. The degree of impact on the human body, this substance can be attributed to the 3rd class of danger. When working with potassium chloride should use protective goggles and respirators. This product does not produce toxic substances in the air and in contact with the skin is completely harmless.

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