Corn starch

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Corn starch - a white homogeneous powder with a yellowish tinge.

Corn starch is considered to be the main source of raw materials for the chemical, food and many other industries. Cornstarch enables control of the baked products in the crust. In addition, it helps to monitor the viscosity of the test increases the crispness of bread crumbs and dough. It is used in the preparation of desserts, dressings, dry mixes. Due to the fact that this product bystrozastyvayuschaya structure, it has been used successfully in bakery industry. It is also possible to use corn starch as a filler for molds during drying jellies, fruit gelatin candy, serves as a substitute for chocolate.
Often used in the preparation of jellies, ketchups, puddings, ice-cream production, yogurt, sausages.
For the construction, paper, textile, pharmaceutical, printing, leather, tobacco industry plays a very important technical use corn starch.

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