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Vaseline oil - it's oily, colorless liquid, odorless and tasteless. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons. Vaseline oil whose price is dependent on the degree of purification is completely dissolved in petrol, chloroform, ether, well mixed with vegetable oils (except castor). This combustible viscous liquid having a boiling point above 360 ° C, a flashpoint of 185 ° C and the ignition temperature of 290 ° C.

Vaseline oil is known to mankind for 150 years. It is used in the chemical industry as a plasticizer and a lubricant in the preparation of a polystyrene filler, with the plastics extrusion process and also as a lubricant and forming oil in the manufacture of viscose, artificial silk. Vaseline oil, buy that here you can for cash and cashless payment, is widely used as a carrier in the manufacture of pesticides and insecticides are often used as a polishing agent, as well as used as an anti-foaming agent. In food production is the oil used for lubrication of parts and production lines, and in medicine it has been used for the lubrication of tools and instruments. Medicine and cosmetics use this substance as a base for ointments or as an independent ointment for the treatment of skin diseases. Can be used as a laxative. Besides its use as a plasticizer in the production of an adhesive agent, and adhesive tapes as a molding in the manufacture of plastic oils and glassware and a package intended for medical purposes.

The storage of oil is prohibited to use open fire, all appliances must be made explosion-proof themselves premises shall be equipped with forced ventilation. When working with oil use personal protective equipment.

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