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As colorless powder crystals odorless easily soluble in water, liquid ammonia, alcohol, sulfur dioxide.

Crystalline and prilled urea (urea) was obtained from carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Depending on the use of urea in various manufacturing processes may be used by one of the brands: A - industrial production; B -rastenievodcheskoe production.

Urea has the purpose industrial feedstock for the manufacture of adhesives, resins, etc.

Is physiologically neutral fertilizer. Used on all soils and under any culture, as the basic fertilizer. In the form of solutions used for top dressing. Urea is more effective than ammonium nitrate, with the wash water regime of soils and irrigation and nitrogen-containing fertilizer is indispensable for growing melons and rice.
Urea is used to produce useful chemical products: melamine, urea resins, cyanuric acid and its esters, KCN, NaCN, gidrazoformamida, hydrazine, and farm. drugs (luminal, veronal, bromurala et al.), the dyes.
In the petroleum industry is used for urea dewaxing oils and fuels for internal combustion engines with the release of soft paraffin.

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