Lactic acid

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Synonyms: 2-hydroxypropionic acid

Chemical formula: SNzSNONSOON

International name: LACTIC ACID

CAS No: 79-33-4

Appearance: clear liquid with a yellowish tinge

Packing: cans, 25 kg

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place

Lactic acid - a whitish, yellowish hygroscopic syrupy liquid with a slightly sour smell. Soluble in water, ethanol, poorly - in benzene, chloroform and other halocarbons. In the presence of mineral acids occurs samoeterifikatsiya lactic acid to form a cyclic dilaktida and linear polylactide.

In industry, lactic acid (2-hydroxypropionic acid) is prepared by hydrolysis of 2-chloropropionic acid and its salts (100 ° C) or with the subsequent formation laktonitrila esters, the release and hydrolysis of which leads to a product of high quality. Other known methods for preparing lactic acid, for example, the oxidation of propylene with nitrogen oxides (15-20 ° C) followed by treatment with H2SO4; CH3CHO interaction with CO (200 ° C, 20 MPa).

Lactic acid is used
• in the food industry, in the manufacture of soft drinks, candy mass, dairy products and others.
• a mordant dyeing, in the leather industry,
• fermenting in shops as an antibacterial agent for the preparation of medicaments plasticizers.

In recent years, more urgent use of lactic acid for the synthesis of PLA - biodegradable (degradable in real-time in nature) polymers that can replace synthetic polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, etc.)

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