Formic acid

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Synonyms: methane acid

Chemical formula: CH2O2

International name: FORMIC ACID

CAS No: 64-18-6

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid with a pungent odor

Packing: cans, 25 kg

Storage: Avoid mechanical damage, in a cool, dry, ventilated area

Formic acid (methane acid) - the first representative of a number of saturated monocarboxylic acids. Also nalichiimuravinaya acid silage 35%.

• As a byproduct in the production of acetic acid by liquid phase oxidation of butane
• oxidation of methanol
• reaction of carbon monoxide with sodium hydroxide. This is the main industrial method
• decomposition of oxalic esters of glycerol
In nature, formic acid is found in the needles, nettles, fruits, corrosive secretions of bees and ants (the latter was first discovered in the XVII century, hence the name).

Formic acid is used
• as a preservative and antibacterial agent in the procurement of food, as formic acid slows the processes of decay and disintegration, so hay and silage treated with formic acid, longer maintained.
• a mordant dyeing wool,
• for pest control in beekeeping,
• as solvent in certain chemical reactions, such as bleach for tanning and leather.
• In the laboratory, a decomposition of liquid formic acid to produce carbon monoxide and others.

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