Sodium hydroxide

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Synonyms: Sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic lye

Chemical formula: NaOH

International name: SODIUM HYDROXIDE

CAS No: 1310-73-2

Appearance: white granules permitted coloring

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda, caustic soda, NaOH) - caustic lye; Colorless crystals. The most common alkali, the year the world produces and consumes more than 57 million tons of caustic alkali. Sodium hydroxide is hygroscopic, when combined with water it produces a large amount of heat. Aqueous solutions are strongly alkaline. Crystalline forms, of which at normal temperature resistant NaOH × H2O (12,3-61,8 ° C). Air NaOH, absorbing CO2, is converted into sodium carbonate. In the electrolysis of chlorine simultaneously obtained. Sodium hydroxide - caustic and corrosive substance. It is one of the substances of the second class danger. Therefore, when working with them requires caution.

NaOH solution is obtained by electrolysis of NaCI or boiling Na2CO3 solution with milk of lime.

The use of sodium hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, caustic soda) - one of the major products of the chemical industry, widely used both in the chemical industry and many other industries:
• in the pulp and paper industry,
• saponification of fats in the manufacture of soap, shampoo and other detergent
• in oil refining - for the production of oils,
• production of biodiesel
• as an agent for dissolving blockages of sewer pipes and others.

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