Sodium iodide

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Synonyms: sodium iodide

Chemical formula: NaI

International name: Sodium iodide

CAS No: 7681-82-5

Appearance: white crystals

Packing: bags, 25kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Sodium iodide NaI - white crystals, the light becomes brown. Wet and light sodium iodide gradually decomposes with the release of iodine.

Sodium iodide (sodium iodide) is prepared by reacting I2 or iodo-air mixture with sodium hydroxide, followed by reduction of the formed NaIO3 hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen peroxide or the like., The reaction of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or sodium sulfate hydroiodic acid.

Sodium iodide (sodium iodide) is used
• for the production of single crystals,
• in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine
• veterinary and agriculture
• as the scintillator component of the electrolyte in electrochemical cells and electrochemical converters and others.

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