Sodium salicylate

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Synonyms: sodium salicylate, salicylic acid, sodium salt

Chemical formula: C7H5NaO3

International name: SODIUM SALICYLATE

CAS No: 54-21-7

Appearance: colorless crystals

Packing: bags, 25kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Sodium salicylate (sodium salicylate) - the sodium salt of salicylic acid, colorless crystals, readily soluble in water.

Sodium salicylate (sodium salicylate) was prepared by the reaction of salicylic acid with sodium hydroxide.

Sodium salicylate (sodium salicylate, sodium salicylic acid) is used
• in medicine and pharmacy, as an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory -in
• in the production of salicylic acid;
• in the food industry as a preservative, and others.

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