Sodium sulfide

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In appearance sodium sulfide is a monolithic mass, flakes or pellets which can vary in color from light brown to dark brown. Sodium sulfide is highly soluble in water, its contact with acids causes release of hydrogen sulfide gas is flammable and explosive.

Sodium sulfide is used in the form of technical operations for metallurgical, light industry, chemical industry and other manufacturing. In particular when manufactured using sodium sulfide and sulfur dyes cellulose. Used as a component for the flotation of zinc and zinc-lead-ferrous ores. Depending on the brand and type (granules or flakes) sodium sulfide can be used in various processes, such as grade A is used in enterprises for the production of leather goods and textiles, and the brand is an indispensable component in some non-ferrous metal production lines.

Safety sodium sulfide is second class, is inflammable and explosive materials, dangerous to humans.

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