Sodium thiosulfate

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Synonyms: Sodium thiosulfate, sodium hypo

Chemical formula: Na2S2O3.5H2O

International name: SODIUM THIOSULFATE Pentahydrate

CAS No: 10102-17-7

Appearance: colorless crystals, granules

Packing: bag 50 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Sodium thiosulfate, sodium hypo is a non-caking colorless crystals, granules. Allowed whitish, yellowish or slightly pink hue. Soluble in water (41.2% at 20 ° C, 69.86% at 80 ° C). Sernovatistokisly sodium (sodium thiosulfate) a strong reducing agent.

Sodium sernovatistokisly (thiosulfate, hyposulfite, sodium thiosulfate) can be obtained in several ways, for example:
• oxidation of polysulfide Na;
• excess of boiling sulfur with Na2SO3;
• interaction of H2S and SO2 with NaOH and others.
Pure anhydrous sodium thiosulfate can be prepared by reacting sulfur with sodium nitrite in formamide.

Sodium thiosulfate (sernovatistokisly) finds application in various sectors of the economy:
• Photo Film Industry
• leather, pulp and paper, chemical industry
• in light industry for bleaching yarns to remove traces of chlorine bleaching fabrics after
• to extract silver from ores;
• as a reagent in iodometry
• in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of antibiotics during the preparation of culture media
• in the treatment plants to clean of contaminants
• in the production of detergents and cleaning products.
• in the food industry is registered as a food additive E539 and others.

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