Sodium carbonate

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Synonyms: Sodium carbonate, sodium carbonate, anhydrous sodium carbonate

Chemical formula: Na2CO3
International name: Sodium carbonate anhydrous
CAS No: CAS 497-19-8
Appearance: white powder;
Packing: bags of 35 kg
Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area
Anhydrous sodium carbonate (sodium carbonate) is a white, odorless powder. Solubility: 12 g in 100 ml water at 10 ° C. The solution is alkaline. 1 part of anhydrous soda can be replaced by 2.7 part of the crystal.

Sodium carbonate is used in glass manufacture, soap making, the production of washing and cleaning powders, enamels, for ultramarine.
Sodium carbonate is used to soften water boilers and water hardness removal, degreasing metals and desulphurization of pig iron.
Sodium carbonate - starting material for NaOH, Na2B4O7, Na2HPO4.
In the food industry Sodium carbonate anhydrous is used as an acidity regulator, raising agent, which prevents clumping and caking.

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