Tin granulated

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Synonyms: tin granules

Chemical formula: Sn

International name: Stannum

Appearance: silver white metal

Packing: box 20 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Tin - refers to a group of light metals. Under normal conditions, a simple substance tin - ductile, malleable and easily fusible metal shiny silver-white color.
Tin - a rare trace elements on the prevalence of the earth's crust tin occupies 47th place.

Tin is mainly used as safe, non-toxic, corrosion resistant coating in pure form or in alloys with other metals. The main industrial use of tin - a tinplate (tin-plated iron) for the manufacture of food packaging, in solder for electronics, in flue pipes, and a bearing alloy in the coating of the tin and its alloys. Recently renewed interest in the use of metal because it is the most "environmentally friendly" among heavy non-ferrous metals. Used to create a superconducting wires based on the intermetallic compound Nb3Sn.
Tin is an important alloying component in the preparation of structural alloys of titanium.
Tin dioxide - a very effective abrasive used when "fine-tuning" of the surface of the optical glass.
A mixture of tin salts - "yellow composition" - previously used as a dye for wool.
Tin is also used in chemical current sources as the anode material, such as tin element manganese, mercury oxide, tin element. Promising to use tin-lead alloys battery et al.
To research more convenient to use granulated tin. It reacts quickly, it is more convenient to measure the scales. There are different forms of granules: in the form of droplets, flakes or pieces of an irregular shape. This depends on the speed of the granulator pouring tin, cooling and other factors.

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