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Ozokerite - a natural fossil material, hydrocarbon, referring to the oil group. The word "mineral wax" in ancient Greek means "fragrant wax" in some places mining is a substance known as "black wax" and "tears of the earth." Produced in Ukrainian and Polish Carpathians, the UK, North America, Cheleken peninsula in the Caspian Sea. Ozokerite used in the technical needs, for scientific purposes, as well as in medicine, namely in physiotherapy.

The chemical composition and properties

In its structure, mineral wax is a complex mixture, which included high-solid saturated hydrocarbons (ceresins, paraffins), mineral oils, resinous substances. Depending on the amount of oil and resin-asphalt materials in the composition, the consistency of mineral wax can vary from mild to pasty hard and brittle, as gypsum, but mostly she waxy. The percentage ratio is dependent on the color and mineral wax, which varies from light yellow to black, also found a brown and sometimes green mineral wax. Has a characteristic smell of kerosene. This substance is not soluble in water, alcohol, alkalis soluble in gasoline, kerosene, chloroform and other chemical compounds. Ozokerite is highly flammable, and therefore inadmissible into contact with the open fire.

Application ozokerite

Mountain wax used in industry, in particular, it is extracted from paraffin and ceresin, but finds application and solid mineral wax, past treatment and purification. From ancient times, almost everywhere in the places of production of the substance practice ozocerite treatment. In some states it is so powerful, that has not lost its relevance today. For medical use ozokerite further purified and sterilized prior to use.

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