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Perchlorethylene stabilized - transparent colorless liquid with a pungent odor without mechanical impurities.

A method for producing perchlorethylene

High temperature chlorination (pyrolysis) chlorinated propane "boiling" layer of contact - sand with further condensation and distillation products of chlorination.
appointment of perchlorethylene
Perchlorethylene stabilized - Universal chlorinated solvents is an effective means for dry cleaning clothes. It can also be applicable for metal degreasing in mechanical engineering, the processing of photopolymer printing boards, in the production of Freon, needles to disposable syringes, textile, wood processing industry, in the production of CFCs and reactive dyes.

Features and Benefits:

- The high density provides excellent cleaning ability due to increased mechanical stress on things.
- Dissolves almost all organic substances present in the contaminated clothing, including oils, fats and waxes.
- High fluidity and low surface tension provide a rapid penetration into the fibers of clothing and efficient decomposition of contaminants.
- Not detrimental to the most commonly used fabrics, colors, finishes, which are found in textile products.
- Rapidly and completely disappears, leaving no residual odor.
- Works well in any dry cleaning machines.
- Stable pH value protects the equipment and clothing, and allows multiple distillation of the solvent without further stabilization and neutralization.

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