Petroleum ether

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It is a colorless liquid having the smell of gasoline medium intensity, which does not give a precipitate.

Petroleum ether 40-70 is used primarily as the extractor and the organic solvent. In light industry, he is involved in the process of production of polyethylene and various types of rubber, food - as an effective extractor animal fats.

In the production of woolen fabrics petroleum ether involved primary treatment of wool.

It is widely used in microbiology, pharmaceutics - again as solvent extractor.

Petroleum ether 70-100 is more widely applicable than the lighter fraction with boiling point 40-70 ° C, in a solvent and cleaner. Used in the petrochemical industry and pharmacy, in cosmetology as a solvent oils and resins. In metallurgy, petroleum ether shaped castings 70-100 actively used for high-quality degreasing surfaces of the parts.

Recently, an active element is used as blowing pipe production based on the fluoroplastic.

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